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Welcome to
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We create useful Software Tools
(and they are completely FREE for you to use!)

We've been building commercial business software between us for over 60 years but have decided to release a collection of free to use tools that we hope you find useful and they are all totally FREE to use!

ToolWhat it does
AI Emoji Bullet Lists (2024)Create fancy lists that use emoji's for bullet points with our free online AI Emoji Bullet List tool
Normalize Unicode Text (2024)Normalize your Unicode text with our free online Unicode Normalizer tool
Speech Dictation (2024)Accurately transcribe your speech to text with our free online Speech Dictation tool
Unicode Text Reader (2022)Check your content sounds correct when read out loud with our free online Unicode Text Reader tool
Unicode Word Counter (2024)Ensure your writing meets all your needs with our free online Unicode Word Counter tool

About Us - Who Are We?

We are Phil Spilsbury and Ron Perkins [a.k.a The Software Mavericks] and we've been building commerical business software between us for 60+ years. We've built software for both big UK and International Businesses that you've most likely used without even realising.

What Else Have We Built You Can Use?

Some of our recent collaborative projects:
TextZformatter (2022) | (2016)

Support Our Efforts

We are committed to keeping our tools free and open for everyone. If you find our tools helpful and would like to support our mission, there are several ways you can help us continue developing and maintaining these resources.

Make a Contribution
Every little bit helps! You can make a one-time contribution via Buy me a Coffee, which helps us cover the costs associated with hosting and developing new features. If you're interested in offering more regular support, consider becoming a Monthly Supporter. Your contributions ensure that we can keep enhancing and expanding our tools.

Support Us Through Advertisments
We feature banners and adverts for external products and services on our site. Many of these are products we use and trust ourselves. If you find any of these services useful, clicking on the adverts also supports us. We receive a small commission at no extra cost to you, which helps fund our operations.

Your Support Matters
Your support, whether through contributions or engaging with our advertisements, makes a significant difference. It enables us to keep our tools free and accessible to everyone. We are grateful for any assistance you can provide and are committed to continuing to create tools that you will find valuable and love to use.

Note: If you have any questions about how you can support us or if you want more information about the services we advertise, please do not hesitate to contact us. We appreciate every form of support we receive and strive to make our tools as useful as possible for you.

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